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New Year: One Week Check-In

We are one week into the new year! We hope you’re doing awesome with your fitness goals and new year’s resolutions! If not that’s ok, you can always start again today! If you need a little help getting started on your fitness goals here’s a little workout plan to get you moving this week!

Freezing Fitness

Time to test how tough you really are! Can you handle a jump into the Columbia River? First a 45 minute workout to warm you up and then a polar plunge style jump into the Columbia to test your resilience!

Run The Tri-Cities

Run the Tri-Cities the next few months with some of our favorite races! As we head into the new year there are lots of great options to set race goals and get yourself active! Running races is great motivation to train and also build your experience to improve your fitness for future events. Come be part of our amazing Tri-Cities running community!

Rocky Training Montage Workout

Finish off the year training like the champ! We’re gonna do our own Rocky inspired Training Montage workout. 1 hour of Rocky inspired exercises and then for those wanting the full experience a run up Glenwood Ct to the Top of the World lookout from Badger Mountain Community Park to celebrate!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from The Obstacle Circuit! We’re coming up on the end of the year, but before we do we have our holiday special on Friday at 9AM! We also had a great time this last weekend racing the Cable Bridge Run. We’re very excited for more upcoming races this next year! We encourage you to sign yourself and your kids up so everyone can join in the fun and we’ll have you prepared for the challenge!

Winter Newsletter

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is definitely starting to feel like winter out there now that the cold weather has come. Regardless of the cold classes go on and it’s the best time of year to toughen up for the most miserable conditions we may face in the upcoming race season! There’s a lot of fun to be had this winter season. With the holidays that means holiday themed classes and we also have a few crazy snow themed workouts for when the snow starts falling! We’re gonna be training in a winter workout-land!

What Happened In San Luis Obispo

This isn’t a review of the Spartan Race Ultra in San Luis Obispo. We’ll recap more of the fun we had there in our next newsletter. There’s been a lot of questions about what happened on course and following the race. So this is to explain of the situation that occurred from Coach Daniel’s perspective.

October Newsletter

The weather is starting to shift, but training will continue! Winter is one of my favorite times of year for training and I have all kinds of fun workouts for snow days and to help you learn to conquer the cold!

Survive or Die 2023

This will be the 4th Annual Survive or Die challenge and this time we will be doing a special kids version during regular class times the week prior…

Race Recap – Seattle Spartan Race

This last weekend we took on the Seattle Spartan Race and it would be an understatement to say we crushed it! We got muddy, our legs and arms cramped, everyone fought hard to the finish line and had some big winners! I’m very proud of each one of these athletes who putting all their training into that course and coming out victories!