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2024 Race Season Kickoff

2024 Race Season Kickoff

January was an epic month for us! Lots of group runs, Freezing Fitness, snow and winter workouts and the Frozen Tundra 2.5 mile race! It’s feeling like winter is coming to an end, but we’ll make the most of it if it’s not. And hopefully all the seasonal sicknesses have run their course as well. All that said we finished off January with a team win in Frozen Tundra!

Frozen Tundra 2024 Recap

I’m very proud of all our athletes who challenged themselves this last month, but I’m especially proud of those that came and raced Frozen Tundra! For the team rankings we held the top 3 spots and regardless of having some of the youngest competitors everyone of them ranked in the top half of the final results. There was no way we weren’t gonna win as a team with these athletes!

With Frozen Tundra our race season has officially begun and there are more races and events coming up which we hope to see even more of you at!


2 Freezing 2 Fitness Cold Plunge Workout

February 10 at Noon – Columbia Point Marina Park

Freezing Fitness returns this weekend! By special request Freezing Fitness is returning for another time this year and we decided if we’re doing a sequel, we better do it right! Join us Saturday, February 10th for the next installment in The Freezing Saga, 2 Freezing 2 Fitness! There’s still space in class if you’d like to join us!

Learn more and get registered!


We have a lot of races and events coming up over the next few weeks! After 2 Freezing 2 Fitness this weekend we have the Vertical Mile with Runners of the Sage, Richland RunFest and Laliik 25k/11k/5k coming up the next few weekends! Then even more races and events as we head into Spring! Find more upcoming events at

Vertical Mile

Vertical Mile with Runners of the Sage at McBee

Richland RunFest

Run the Tri-Cities Richland Runfest

Laliik 25k/11k/5k

Run the Tri-Cities Laliik


The Obstacle Circuit February 2024 Schedule

Lots of Classes available! Every class is doable to all levels of fitness. Work it at the pace and the weight you need to succeed and grow stronger!

TRAINING classes have moved to Badger Mountain Trailhead Park on Queensgate Drive for February. March will be the return of Mountain March. We’ll be hitting up different hill and mountain climbs throughout the month. More information on locations coming soon…

Find the latest and get registered at

If you’re looking to get started SKILLS class are a great place to start as we take more time developing the skills and techniques that will help you on and off the race course. Also these classes are open to all ages so a great place for adults, kids and families to get their workout together!

For TRAINING classes we hit the trails and often simulate what it feels like to run a race. A lot more focus on building strength and developing your endurance. Great for those looking to do their first race, improve their times on course or going for the win! These classes are for adults and teens, though there are some exceptions for kids that are wanting to compete at the next level and have shown their dedication and discipline to training! Kids under 13 will need permission for Coach Daniel prior to doing TRAINING classes.

KIDS classes are for the the kids. A lot like the SKILLS classes, but with a few more fun games and adjustments for kids to learn and grow together with other kids their age. The TEEN class is a unique one specifically for the teenagers to train together and have the opportunity to push a little harder. Teens are also welcome in the regular KIDS, SKILLS and TRAINING classes!


Mountain March

We have a lot coming up in March, especially with the return of Mountain March in the TRAINING classes. We’ll be hitting different hill and mountain climbing locations as we prepare for the many mountain race courses and wilderness exertions people are doing this year! It will also include The Descension Workout. A time trial workout at Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead. The perfect chance to see where your fitness is. Try to beat your previous time or set your time to beat in the future!

Run Coaching Series

Starting March 18th on Mondays at 6PM! This will be our first Run Coaching Series of the year! Four weeks of form and mobility training to help prevent injuries, improve your run efficiency and make you a better runner!

More information coming soon…
Let’s go make February another awesome month!