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Double Feature

Double Feature Badger Mountain and Candy Mountain Richland Washington Summit Challenge

Complete your “Double Feature” by summiting Badger Mountain and Candy Mountain in the month of May. Share your achievement on Instagram or Facebook and tag the The Obstacle Circuit so we can see it. If your account is private take a screenshot of your post and send it to us. There will be a special prize given out at the end of the month to everyone who completes this challenge. The summits do not need to be completed on the same day, just in the month of May.

Badger Mountain Richland Washington Summit

There are competitive divisions as well. You will need to be on Strava and in The Obstacle Circuit group to be eligible for the competitive divisions.

Fastest Combined Time for both Male and Female and Kids Male and Female 12 and Under (parents can use their own Strava to track kids times). You will need to run the specific Segments in this post. For Badger Mountain you have two options including “Badger Climb from Dallas” and “Sagebrush-Skyline Climb” turning left at Queensgate instead of going up the stairs. For Candy Mountain the “Candy Summit Trail” turning right where the trail splits. Your total time for the two summits will be combine for fastest time. And remember to share your achievement on social media as well.

Badger Mountain Queensgate Trailhead Park Sagebrush-Skyline
Badger Mountain Dallas Road Climb
Candy Mountain Richland Washington Climb

For the Extreme victory it’s the person who summits Badger and Candy the most times. For it to count as a summit you must start at one of the trailhead and finish at the summit. Additionally the Hershey’s climb and from the culvert on Candy will count as well. You also must do both Badger and Candy at least once this month, but all other summits of the two will count towards your total. Please keep track of your own summits and share your run from Strava after completing with the number of summits you completed on that run so we can confirm. You will still need to share when you complete both summits on social media as well. Later summits only need to be reported so we know your total amount.

The last exclusive prize can be claimed by beating Coach Daniel’s combined times. This one will be awarded to everyone that beats Coach Daniel this month. If nobody beats his total time no one will receive this prize. Coach Daniel is ineligible for the other prizes, but we know there are some fast runners in town who could do this!

Most of all have and enjoy getting outdoors! Badger and Candy are beautiful right now with all the flower and you’ll want to go see them all before they all dry out in the heat! Any other questions DM The Obstacle Circuit social medias or email

Candy Mountain Richland Washington Summit