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Spring Newsletter

It’s starting to feel like we’re transitioning into spring. We’ll probably see a few more cold days, but the temperatures have been rising and we’ve got a lot planned for this spring! Finishing off February with Richland RunFest and our x366 Reps workout, then into March with the Laliik race, Mountain March and The Descension workout! Mid-March we start another run coaching classes series and lots more workouts and spring races we’ll be attending!

Spring Run Coaching Classes

Want to improve your running and prevent injuries? Mondays at 6 PM starting March 18th we will be doing a 4 week run coaching series to develop your running form, build leg strength and stability and make you a better runner. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running and stop getting injured these are the classes for you!

Mountain March

We’re excited to announce the return of Mountain March!! Through the month of March our TRAINING classes (Age 13+) will be taking on some of the toughest hill climbs in town. With all the mountain races and adventures planned for this year it will be a fantastic way to get yourself ready!!

2024 Race Season Kickoff

January was an epic month for us! Lots of group runs, Freezing Fitness, snow and winter workouts and the Frozen Tundra 2.5 mile race!

2 Freezing 2 Fitness

By special request Freezing Fitness is returning for another time this year and we decided if we’re doing a sequel, we better do it right! Join us February 10th for the next installment in The Freezing Saga, 2 Freezing 2 Fitness!

New Year: Three Week Check-In

We are three weeks into the new year and it’s definitely been fun so far. We took advantage of the cold this weekend for Freezing Fitness doing one of the craziest workouts we’ve ever done finishing off the challenge with a jump into the Columbia River.

New Year: Two Week Check-In

We’re now two weeks into the new year and hopefully you’re starting to find your rhythm and are working towards you goals! What is your goal? If you haven’t set a goal yet now is the time! Not some arbitrary goal or something too far out. Put something on the calendar. Set a deadline to get yourself motivated. We recommend signing up for a race, because once you sign up you’re a lot more committed.

New Year: One Week Check-In

We are one week into the new year! We hope you’re doing awesome with your fitness goals and new year’s resolutions! If not that’s ok, you can always start again today! If you need a little help getting started on your fitness goals here’s a little workout plan to get you moving this week!

Freezing Fitness

Time to test how tough you really are! Can you handle a jump into the Columbia River? First a 45 minute workout to warm you up and then a polar plunge style jump into the Columbia to test your resilience!

Run The Tri-Cities

Run the Tri-Cities the next few months with some of our favorite races! As we head into the new year there are lots of great options to set race goals and get yourself active! Running races is great motivation to train and also build your experience to improve your fitness for future events. Come be part of our amazing Tri-Cities running community!