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Back to Basics The Obstacle Circuit Try a class for FREE in April

It’s feeling like spring has finally come to the Tri-Cities! As the weather warms we know there’s a lot of new and returning people who will be joining us for class. So starting in April we are going Back to Basics! If you’ve ever wanted to join for a class or do an obstacle course race, now is the time to join us. We’ll be developing the skills and techniques that our most seasoned athletes have already mastered. Classes always have levels and options for the brand new and the pro athlete! For our most experienced, this will be a chance to refresh on a lot of the things we haven’t done much over the winter to make sure you’re ready for the more advanced movements!

Try a class for FREE in April! So you don’t have any excuses to try a class! If you’ve never taken a class before, join for your first for free during the month of April! Come find out why people love this program so much and what it can do for you, your health and your life!

Which classes should you attend?

We have 3 class types! SKILLS, KIDS and TRAINING!

SKILLS classes are for all ages and families. You don’t need to have kids to join this class. It’s great for adults too. The workout is set up so you get the workout you need. For parents it’s a great opportunity to train with your kids. You will need to accompany kids under 11. That way the coach can focus on giving everyone the best workout. Some exceptions can be made by Coach Daniel for younger kids that have proven their discipline and determination. In the SKILLS class we spend a lot more time developing movement, mobility and putting it into practice to get a great workout.

These classes are located at Columbia Point Marina Park!

TRAINING classes are for ages 13+. This class is for those looking to take the skills they develop in the SKILLS class and put them into practice. We change locations frequently to get a variety of terrain! It’s the closest to simulating an obstacle course race! Sounds intimidating? Well it’s not. Like all of our classes there are always levels. So you can train with lighter weights or easier exercise options. As you continue to grow you will gain strength to be able to do more. If you want to do an obstacle course race this class is the one that will have you the most prepared and give you the best workout!

We will be kicking off April at Badger Mountain Westgate Trailhead (off Dallas Road) for The Descension time trial workout. A perfect opportunity to get a baseline for your fitness since we repeat this workout twice a year! We’ll be doing the workout on both April 2nd (Tuesday 5:30 PM) and April 4th (Thursday 6 AM). An alternate workout will be available for people that want to do both classes! The following week TRAINING classes will be moving to Leslie Groves Park for the remainder of April.

KIDS/TEENS are for the kids. They are a lot like the SKILLS classes, but giving kids their own class to be among their peers. We focus on movement, having fun, building strength and mobility that will improve the overall health of the kids and give them a love for movement! We do have one TEEN class Wednesdays at 10AM. We encourage teens to join the TRAINING or SKILLS classes at other times during the week as well, but because of the number of teens we had at that time a class was created specifically for them.

These classes are located at Columbia Point Marina Park!

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Back to Basics does not include Run Coaching. We do have two more classes in the Spring Run Coaching Series we’d love to have you join for. If you attend a Run Coaching class you’ll still receive your free trial for a SKILLS, KIDS or TRAINING class. e’re excited to see all of you join us this next month and become part of our growing community!