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Spring Run Coaching Classes

Spring Run Coaching Classes The Obstacle Circuit

Mondays at 6 PM starting March 18th

Want to improve your running and prevent injuries? Mondays at 6 PM starting March 18th we will be doing a 4 week run coaching series to develop your running form, build leg strength and stability and make you a better runner. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running and stop getting injured these are the classes for you!

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I’m Coach Daniel Elfers, I’ve been running for 20 years and in all that time I’ve never had a major running injury. After a minor knee injury 7 years ago I realized the importance of good running technique. That is when I started working with multiple very knowledgeable and experienced run coaches and physical therapists who have helped me learn how to run more efficiently and injury free. I’m always studying this craft because I want to know more about what makes us better athletes and improve myself and others on our fitness journey. I’ve podiumed some pretty crazy races, run some pretty sketchy trails and done some extreme distances without any major injuries. I want to share this knowledge and skill with you, my local Tri-Cities, Washington community so you too can run injury free and crush your running goals!

I’m very excited to do a run coaching series. The benefit of doing a series rather than a one time run coaching clinic is the ability to retain what you are learning and reinforce better running habits week to week. Run clinics are great, but you tend to only absorb a small portion of the good you gain. Over these 4 weeks we will improve your run form and movement to be the most efficient you can be and teach your body to move in a way that will make you more resistant to injuries.


Columbia Point Marina Park
660 Columbia Point Dr
Richland, WA 99352

Mondays at 6 PM
Class Length: 1 Hour

Class Dates:
March 18
March 25
April 1
April 8

Cost: $100 total for the Series

Included along with the classes is an optional 4 week training plan from March 18th to April 14th to utilize in conjunction with these classes. The training plan to be utilized outside of class will help you develop your running endurance and prepare you for your next race!

Drop Ins are welcome (provided there is space available). Individual classes will be $30 per class. Training plan is not included with individual classes. We do encourage you to pay for the full series to get the extra benefits, even if you only make two or three classes. In the case you can’t attend a class during the series we will credit you a TRAINING or SKILLS class for every class you are unable to attend.

Space is limited so we do encourage you to register ASAP! No payment required on registration. You can cancel your registration anytime prior to the first class if you change your mind. Thank you for your interest in this series and we’re excited to get you running faster, more efficiently and pain free!


Spring Run Coaching Classes The Obstacle Circuit