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Spring Newsletter

The Obstacle Circuit Spring 2024 Newsletter

It’s starting to feel like we’re transitioning into spring. We’ll probably see a few more cold days, but the temperatures have been rising and we’ve got a lot planned for this spring! Finishing off February with Richland RunFest and our x366 Reps workout, then into March with the Laliik race, Mountain March and The Descension workout! Mid-March we start another run coaching classes series and lots more workouts and spring races we’ll be attending!


Freezing Fitness returned for the second installment in what is now called the Freezing Saga! Less snow and ice, but the water was just as cold as the first time! Way to go to the brave souls who took on the challenge the second time! We will definitely be doing this workout again next winter! You won’t want to miss the third installment, Freezing Fitness: Columbia Drift! We’re just gonna keep the theme going until we run out of Fast and Furious movies! If ever we do run out of them!

We also took on the Vertical Mile last weekend with Runners of the Sage! A chilly, but awesome climb to the top of McBee! Next weekend after racing in Richland RunFest we’ll be joining Runners of the Sage again for the Laliik Trail Party at 1PM. We’ll be there to help them get the course ready for the Laliik 25k/11k/5k race on March 2nd!


The Obstacle Circuit February 2024 Schedule

As we head into spring classes are beginning to go back to normal. We’re seeing more daylight in the mornings and evenings. Headlamp season is almost over!

There will be more classes added and slight adjustments likely in the coming weeks so check for the latest updates!


366 Reps Leap Year Workout

It’s the workout that we only do once every 4 years! Can you complete all 366 reps?

During regular class times on February 29

See all classes and get registered at

The Obstacle Circuit Mountain March 2024 Badger Mountain Richland Washington Workout Classes

We’re excited to announce the return of Mountain March and The Descension workout!! Through the month of March our TRAINING classes (Age 13+) will be taking on some of the toughest hill climbs in town. With all the mountain races and adventures planned for this year it will be a fantastic way to get yourself ready!!

Learn more at

The Descension Obstacle Workout Badger Mountain Richland Washington

Finishing off Mountain March and kicking off April with The Descension workout! Our time trial obstacle challenge. Can you beat your previous record or set a time to beat in the future!

Learn more at

Spring Run Coaching Classes The Obstacle Circuit

Want to improve your running and prevent injuries? Mondays at 6 PM starting March 18th we will be doing a 4 week run coaching series to develop your running form, build leg strength and stability and make you a better runner. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running and stop getting injured these are the classes for you!

Learn more and get registered at


There are a lot of upcoming races we’ll be attending and encourage all of you to join us at. This Saturday is Richland RunFest, next Saturday (March 2) the Laliik 25k/11k/5k! March 22-23 is Badger Mountain Challenge and April 20 is Run the River and Run with the Goats! Let’s get out there and challenge ourselves on the race course with all the skills we’ve been building in class! Learn more about all the upcoming races and events at

Run the Tri-Cities Richland Runfest
Run the Tri-Cities Laliik
Run the Tri-Cities Badger Mountain Challenge

Run the Tri-Cities Run the River Marathon
Run the Tri-Cities Run with the Goats
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