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New Year: Three Week Check-In

New Year 2024 The Obstacle Circuit Three Week Check-In

We are three weeks into the new year and it’s definitely been fun so far. We took advantage of the cold this weekend for Freezing Fitness. Doing one of the craziest workouts we’ve ever done, by finishing off the challenge with a jump into the Columbia River.

Freezing Fitness

I want to say way to brave the cold this weekend! It was fun to have others crazy enough to jump into the Columbia River with me!

5 Year Anniversary

5 years of doing this stuff! I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of helping me make this into what it has become and excited for big things in 2024!

5 Days Until Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra 2.5 Mile Race 2024

Only 5 days until Frozen Tundra 2.5 mile race. The price has gone up a little, but it’s still an inexpensive race and you still have time to get signed up and join our team! We want to win the team competition and everyone who races on our team betters our chances of winning as a team!

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Week Three Training Plan

The Obstacle Circuit New Year 2024 Workout Plan January 23

This week we’re adding in some mixed strength. We want to encourage the runners to get their strength work and the weightlifters to get their cardio.

The cardio block times have increased options now between 30-60 minutes! As you get stronger you might consider adding a little more time onto your cardio block going above 30 minutes. You could do 35, 40, 45…. Even just a little extra goes a long way.

As always, adapt or adjust as needed. Change things up and use this as a reference, but keep moving and getting stronger!

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Join Us For Our Class

The Obstacle Circuit January 2024 Schedule

The weather is warming back up a little after the sub zero temperatures we got last week! Are we done with winter? Who knows, but classes are still going and lots of fun to be had if we get more cold and snow!

If you’ve never taken a class, come try one for free! These classes are built for all levels, whether you’re a top tier athlete or brand new to exercise. Most workouts are loops where one athlete gets 5 loops and another gets 2 loops. All of the workouts are made so that you get the workout you need and we have a lot of fun together!

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