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New Year: One Week Check-In

New Year: One Week Check-In

We are one week into the new year! We hope you’re doing awesome with your fitness goals and new year’s resolutions! If not that’s ok, you can always start again today! If you need a little help getting started on your fitness goals here’s a little workout plan to get you moving this week! New workout plan will be released next Monday! Perfect if you’re new to fitness or just looking to get consistent again! Add it onto what you’re already doing or adapt it for your needs!

The Obstacle Circuit New Year 2024 Workout Plan January 9

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Of course you can join us in classes as well to get even more out of this year. Remember that these classes are for everyone and every fitness level. I’m glad to adapt it for you if you need, but our circuits are setup that the high level athlete and the beginner both can get a workout at the level they need! Come try your first class this month and get it for FREE! Go to to learn more and get registered!

The Obstacle Circuit January 2024 Schedule


I want to shout out those who came and did the Rocky Training Montage Workout! In honor of Boxing Day (of course) we did a Rocky themed workout and it wouldn’t be a Rocky inspired workout without our own training montage video!

We will definitely be doing this again next year!


Freezing Fitness Workout and Cold Polar Plunge

Time to test how tough you really are! Can you handle a jump into the Columbia River? First a 45 minute workout to warm you up and then a polar plunge style jump into the Columbia to test your resilience!

Find out more at

Run the Tri-Cities Frozen Tundra

We’re excited to be returning to Frozen Tundra again! This year we’re going as a team with the intention of winning as a team! So everyone that runs this race will help our odds of getting enough points to win! It’s a fun and inexpensive race we hope to see you all at!

Register on Runsignup and be sure to join our team when you do!

Run the Tri-Cities with some of our favorite local races

There are so many great races coming up in the Tri-Cities! See more of our favorite local races at