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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

The Obstacle Circuit May 2019 Newsletter

The Obstacle Course Racing season has begun!! Shout out to everyone who conquered the brutal cold and slopfest that was the Seattle Spartan Race. So many more exciting races and adventures ahead of us!

Tuesdays 6:30PM we’re bringing you a brand new class time during the week! We’ll be at Columbia Point Marina Park April 30th, May 7th and May 14th. Check out the locations schedule below or on the website!

Kid’s classes have also begun. Lv 1 for those Ninjas looking for fun while we develop ninja and parkour skills, and Lv 2 for those Ninjas who are more serious about developing their ninja and parkour skills.

Tuesdays 4PM – Ninja Lv 2
Wednesdays 4PM – Ninjas Lv 1

Currently Ninja Classes are at Columbia Point Marina Park
660 Columbia Point Dr.
Richland WA 99352

The Obstacle Circuit May 2019 Class Schedule and Locations.



May 7 – Columbia Point Marina Park
May 14 – Columbia Point Marina Park
May 20 – Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
May 27 – Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead

Columbia Point Marina Park
660 Columbia Point Dr.
Richland WA 99352

Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
E 210 Pr NE
Richland WA 99352


May 2 – Badger MT. Queensgate Trailhead
May 16 – Badger MT. Queensgate Trailhead
May 23 – Chamna Natural Preserve
May 30 – Chamna Natural Preserve

Badger MT. Queensgate Trailhead
525 Queensgate Dr
Richland WA 99352

Chamna Natural Preserve
Carrier Rd
Richland WA 99352


May 4 – Badger Mountain Park Lookout
May 11 – Badger Mountain Park Lookout
May 18 – Badger Mountain Park Lookout
May 25 – Badger Mountain Park Lookout

Badger Mountain Park Lookout
1200 Glenwood Ct
Richland WA 99352

Seattle Spartan Race Finish Line Fire Jump Header


May 4-5 – Spartan Montana Beast & Sprint
May 11-12 – American Ninja Warrior Tacoma Dome
May 18 – Warrior Dash Oregon
June 1 – Gap2Gap Yakima WA
June 29 – Spartan Boise Sprint
June 29 – Rugged Maniac Portland
July 13 – Renegade Rage Pasco WA
July 20 – Spartan Utah Super & Sprint
July 28 – Mud Factor Tri-Cities WA
August 3 – Sole Survivor (Richland WA)
August 4 – Terrain Race Seattle
August 10 – Spartan Portland Sprint
August 10 – Terrain Race Portland
September 7-8 – Spartan Seattle Beast & Sprint
September 14-15 – Spartan Whistler Super & Sprint
September 21-22 – Tough Mudder Seattle
September 21 – Warrior Dash Washington

June 29

Our team will be heading to Boise June 29th. This is a perfect first Spartan Race for anyone looking to try something new. The Spartan Sprint format is a 3-5 mile races with roughly 20 obstacles. You will be challenged, but you will survive! And your team will be there to support and cheer you on from beginning to end!

Be sure to register under the team “Beasts OCR” when you register for this event. You get the Biggest Team perks and we get to support our local PNW team.

Pasco Washington
July 13

One of the BEST Obstacle Course Races in the Pacific Northwest right here at home. This is one not to miss. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a first time racer this event is for you. It offers unique challenges and a lot of fun along the way. Hangout with our team and cheer on our reigning champion Coach Ninja (AKA Dirty Dan)!

Nervous as a first time Renegade Rager? Well stay tuned for news on the upcoming Renegade Rage 4 Week training program! A specifically designed program to prep anyone and everyone to take on Renegade Rage! Including weekly training plans, diet suggestions and obstacle training to make sure everyone will conquer the course! 

July 28

Mud Factor while not the most challenging course ever it is a whole lot of fun! For those looking to get their friends into racing Mud Factor is a perfect first event. The team will be there and also as the day gets closer there will be a special first time Mud Runner 4 weeks training program to get people experience with obstacles and a training plan so they will be ready on race day.

You don’t have to feel alone at any event when you have a team. While the full team won’t be at every event we are planning to make a few events our focus. We encourage you to join us for the following events so together The Obstacle Circuit family can challenging and cheer each other through this season of races! 

Spartan Race Boise Sprint – June 29
Renegade Rage Pasco WA – July 13
Mud Factor Tri-Cities WA – July 28
Spartan Race Portland Sprint – August 10
Spartan Race Seattle Beast & Sprint – September 7-8