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The 6 Feet Games

The 6 Feet Games

The Obstacle Circuit The 6 Feet Games Tri-Cities Washington Fitness Classes


March 18 – 31

Join for class, but keep your distance. Classes will continue mostly as usual, but we’re going to change things up a little to try and prevent any spreading of germs. This pertains to equipment, movements and human contact. Instead of treating this thing like a plague we’ll treat it like a game. So get ready to air high five and over the next few weeks we’re playing the 6 Feet Games!

There is a limit of 10 people per class! It’s been our policy to keep the numbers low due to equipment and to ensure your coach can give you the best workout possible, but it is also effective in limiting contact.

Equipment that will be shared will be wiped down prior to switching and equipment that isn’t easily cleaned will be used creatively and/or sparingly.

If you are showing any signs or symptoms please cancel by informing your coach (you will not be charged for missed classes during the event). In general if you’re feeling sick we are very understanding and would prefer you didn’t try to push through and risk spreading your germs to others.

The greatest part about obstacle course racing and ninja warrior is the versatility. What appears a challenge to most fitness programs is just another obstacle to us and so we will be creative and stay focused on the goal of staying health, functional fit, and try to fill that hole in your heart left by the lack of gym. And You may discover life without the gym isn’t so bad!

Email to get registered and get your first FREE trial class! Let the games begin!


3-18 Wednesday 9AM – Columbia Point Marina Park
3-19 Thursday 6:30PM – Badger Mountain Queeensgate Trailhead Park
3-21 Saturday 8:30AM – Badger Mountain Park Lookout

3-23 Monday 9AM – Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
3-24 Tuesday 9AM – Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
3-25 Wednesday 9AM – Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
3-26 Thursday 6:30PM – Badger Mountain Queeensgate Trailhead Park
3-28 Saturday 8:30AM – Badger Mountain Park Lookout

3-30 Monday 9AM – Chamna Natural Preserve
3-31 Tuesday 9AM – Chamna Natural Preserve


Columbia Point Marina Park
660 Columbia Point Dr
Richland WA 99352

Badger Mountain Queeensgate Trailhead Park
525 Queensgate Dr
Richland WA 99352

Badger Mountain Park Lookout
1200 Glenwood Ct
Richland WA 99352

Badger Mountain Dallas Trailhead
E 210 PR NE
Richland WA 99352

Chamna Natural Preserve
Carrier Rd
Richland WA 99352